San Leandro celebrates completion of Phase 1 of San Leandro Tech Campus

Truth is Beauty symbolizes the transformation taking place in San Leandro and envisions a world where women are powerful, safe, and free.

On Tuesday, October 18, Westlake Urban and the San Leandro Tech Campus (SLTC) are hosting a grand opening celebration for the newly completed, first phase of SLTC and the inaugural lighting ceremony for Truth is Beauty, artist Marco Cochrane’s iconic, 55-foot tall, steel sculpture of a nude woman who is powerful, safe, and free. The event will take place from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. at SLTC, located at 1600 Alvarado Street, San Leandro, CA. The completion of construction of Phase 1 of SLTC and the lighting of Truth is Beauty are major milestones for San Leandro, a city moving from an industrial past to a technology-focused future.

Speakers include: Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter, City of San Leandro; Nancy O’Malley, District Attorney, Alameda County; Marco Cochrane, Artist and Creator, Truth is Beauty; Julia Whitelaw, Creative Partner, Truth is Beauty; Jenny Linton, President, OSIsoft; Rebecca Saltzman, Director, BART; Deborah Acosta, Chief Innovation Officer, City of San Leandro Gaye Quinn, Managing Director, Westlake Urban; Sunny Tong, Managing Director, Westlake Urban; Student Interns, San Leandro Education Foundation.

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