LED Interior/Exterior Building Lighting

LED Interior/Exterior Building Lighting 2018-05-08T18:56:45+00:00

Project Description

Bright ideas are not limited to street lights.

New LED lighting on the interior and exterior of city buildings is achieving multiple benefits. Exterior lighting demonstrably deters crime, while the technology behind light emitting diode (LED) technology dramatically (80% or more) reduces power consumption compared to traditional lights. Exterior lighting also provides enabled night use of park facilities that create safety and increase recreational opportunities. Meanwhile new interior lighting improves worker productivity and reduces power use with both a reduction in the amount of electricity consumed and the heat generated by the lights. Interior lights are matched up with occupancy-based lighting controls that turn on and off the lights as rooms are occupied and vacated – no longer requiring everyone to remember to turn off the lights when they leave. Finally, the longer lifespan of LED lighting reduces the labor involved in changing out light bulbs.