Lit San Leandro: Connecting Community Through Fiber Optics

Lit San Leandro’s (“LitSL”) fiber optic infrastructure has quietly ignited multiple successful opportunities to attract investment to San Leandro. Real estate, businesses, schools, and other public facilities are connecting and bringing in millions of dollars in new investments. New applications for using the fiber are being introduced to the City, applications that hold the promise of improved services at lower costs. This includes the previously unimaginable opportunity to scale the adoption of solar throughout San Leandro, potentially enabling the City to meet — and beat — citywide greenhouse gas reduction goals identified in the City’s 2009 Climate Action Plan.

Change is not new to this City. Prior generations witnessed San Leandro’s transformation from an agrarian to an industrial economy through the arrival of railroads. The advent of cars gave rise to paved roads and freeways, enabling the separation of home and workplace and the creation of suburbs.

San Leandro is no longer a suburban city. It is an urban City whose leadership is taking advantage of the fiber optic opportunity that Dr. Patrick Kennedy, Founder and CEO of OSIsoft, brought to this City several years ago.

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