California Energy Commission Awards San Leandro

The California Energy Commission recently announced that the City of San Leandro will receive $1.99 million in grant funding through its Local Government – Energy Innovation Challenge (EIC) program, representing the largest grant awarded by the Commission.

This funding will enable the City of San Leandro to upgrade various projects at the Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP), highlighted by a 1-megawatt solar power generation system. The grant will also help to fund high-efficiency LED lighting and a new automation system. These improvements will reduce electric power use at the WPCP by 53%, decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 2,789,951 pounds annually and generate $238,861 in annual energy savings.

The WPCP facility processes and treats wastewater for approximately 50,000 San Leandro residents using 125 miles of sanitary sewer pipelines and 13 pump stations, making it by far the largest single user of electricity under the City’s control. These upgrades would have been impossible for the City to accomplish without the grant funding from the Energy Commission, along with matching contributions provided by the WPCP’s enterprise fund.

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